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modular small anamorphic lens

A lens is a transmissive optical device that affects the focus of a light beam through refraction.

I found it to be quite a quest, to get a focussable anamorphic small lens, capable for run and fun.

I found the Iscoramas too big and heavy for my taste and not flexible enough to my liking. The prices are high and its not a solid attachment. And I have some small projection anamorphics around anyway. So I begged John to hand out some of his experimental glass.

There exist multiple Approaches to a lens. Here I want to show a modular approach to a pretty small Anamorphic Lens by combining a taking lens, a anamorphic projection lens (all set fix at infinity) and some Single Focus Glass upfront.

Some facts:

  • front rotates (a hard stop can be applied or front comes off for very close focus)
  • <58mm diameter scopes fit inside the Single Focus housing
  • Anamorphic & taking lens can be exchanged. The Bolex Möller 8 / 19 does also fit and provides better coverage.
  • Single Focus glass is 52mm diameter (a one time glass production - I just have this one, so don't ask)
  • Front filter thread is 55mm
  • multiple mounting solutions to the taking lens, from clamp to tubes
  • taking lens is limited due to mounting support. Small C-Mount Lenses fit inside.
  • the ND goes inside between the single focus and the front Scope Glass
  • Lens breathing is minimal and therefore it vignettes the closer you focus

First we have the mount and the spherical lens:

The anamorphic part is housed seperately and is combined with the adapter for sturdiness and lack of alignment issue.

Without the front focussing glass, you have a pretty good diopter, so you can reach close focus like:

You get the typical flares and oval bokeh: