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Braun Paxette Lenses

Braun Paxette Lens on Adapter for m43

The Adapter is based on a M39 to M42 Adapter and a flange distance adapted M42 extension tube which is mounted to a C-Mount Adapter.

Lens Test overview

they are NICE !

STAEBLE Choro 38mm f3.5
STAEBLE Choro 38mm f3.5

Following some sample Pictures, taken wide open with minimum focus distance. The Lens is stated with the Photo. Pictures are taken with a GH4 in "A"perture mode and imported into iPhoto. No further adjustments were made.
STAEBLE Choro 38mm f3.5
Steinhell München Cassarit 45mm f2.8
STAEBLE Kata 45mm f2.8
Roeschlein Kreuznach Luxon 50mm f2.0
STAEBLE Telon 85mm f5.6
STAEBLE Telexon 135mm f3.8