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Schneider Kreuznach AKA Lenses

A custom adapter made it possible for me to adapt some Viewfinder lenses to my mirrorless M43 Cameras.

m42 to AKA PaxetteCustom Adapter. Acutally those are Full frame lense…

Here are some Images from the Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 45mm f2.8:

AKA Rette SK Xenar 45mm
AKA Rette SK 45mm

and some Anamorphic Video with a Schneider Kreuznach 50mm f3.5 and a Kinoscope x1.5 Adapter:

looking up - a sunny life!sunflares on a walk in the nearby forrest.
and horses ;)
and a lens test.
Schneider Kreuznach Xenar (=Tessar) 50mm f3.5 from 1953, rescued from a broken AKA Kamera on GH4, ISO 400, 1/50, 24 FPS
filmes mostly in full HD. some in 4k
Anamorphic: Kinoscope x1.5
Thanks for the Music goes to: Benny Soul Yeah - Abstract Capharnaum

The Adapter currently has a light leak which I was afraid of... which is fixed by now ;)

The following sample Video was shot with the lenses wide open with GH4 in V-Log and processes with a single ffmpeg line.

ffmpeg -i /Volumes/LUMIX/DCIM/121_PANA/P1210006.MOV -vf hqdn3d=3:3:5:5,scale=1920:1080,lut3d="Documents/VLogL_to_V709_forGH4_ver100_EN/VLog_to_V709_forV35_ver100.cube",unsharp -c:v libx264 -preset fast -crf 21 -an Movies/35mm_SK_AKA_f3.5.mp4

The 35mm f3.5

SK 35mm f3.5

The 45mm f2.8

SK 45mm f2.8

The 75mm f3.8 (which has a scratched back)

SK 75mm f3.8scratched back on lens...

The 90mm f3.6

SK 90mm f3.6