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Rectilux rail mount Solution

In case you want to mount your Rectilux to a Rail System and not to your taking lens, here is a solution.

Get your Rectilux here!

Get yourself a 90mm Telescope Clamp (they usually come in 2, so you have a spare one).

Now you need to machine it to match rectilux:

some more Pictures...

This was done with a lathe. The Telescope rings were mounted from inside to keep the rings as round as possible. The cutting process went on slow speeds with a HSS steel. As far as I know, doing it like this will not give perfect results. If someone has a better Idea how this can be done on a manual lathe (so, except CNC milling), feel free to contact me.

And finally you can use the Scopes happy end for something useful!

Disclaimer: This can not be machined in a pretty way, but it works and is quite strong! Best mounted to a SMALLRIG QR Lens Support for 15mm Rods for better hight adjustment. Please do not call me responsible if you drop or scratch your Rectilux! Mine is still fine and I use this support all the time! I think its less error prone than using the back coupling.

Happy User Pictures: